Displaying “GAZA” short film and hosting Its director as part of IAW activities in Gaza


Resuming the activities of the Israeli Apartheid week once postponed due to the last Israeli aggression in Gaza, the preparatory committee of the IAW, in cooperation with the English Department of Al Aqsa Univerity, has displayed two resistance songs followed by the short documentary film “Gaza” which depicts the last Israeli war aggression against Palestinians in Gaza in 2014 and has recently won the international Cenima Goya Award and hosted its director Julio Perez on Monday April 22,2019 in Al Aqsa University- Gaza.

From his side, Perez expressed his happiness for joining the activity, though on Skype, and wished that he would visit Palestine when it’s declared Apartheid free zone. Further, Perez responded to participants’ queries.

The Gazan audience have showed a great interaction with the film and thanked its director for producing such film that would change the world’s view about Israel and be used as an evidence to uphold the Palestinian cause and hold Israel accountable for all of its war crimes and crimes against humanity.


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